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In case of a mishap, the strength of the safety image of an aviation organization is the fundamental element, which determines the impact of the accident on the future of the company. Therefore a comprehensive and proactive safety communication plan is of utmost importance in conjunction with skilled and well-trained personnel.

Safety communication plan

The Safety Communication Plan describes the tune and the timing of the communication in the aftermath of an accident. Not only the communication with the investigation authorities but also with the press and the families of victims.

It takes into account the regulation in the country (or –tries) of operation. It determines who should speak in a given situation and what that person should say. It also addresses the issue of the not directly involved employees of the company, what they can say and what not.

The Safety Communication Plan consists of a comprehensive set of policies, guidelines and procedures, which go back to back with the aircraft accident investigation and crisis management procedures.

We provide you with skilled and experienced communication experts who can help you develop a well-balanced safety communication plan.

Safety Communiation Training

Training of involved communication personnel in the specifics of safety communication

As with all procedures, if they have to be operationally available, one has to train them regularly. This training demands a specific program, which is tailored to the specifics of the organization. This not only necessitates a detailed knowledge of communication but it also requires an audit of the organization’s operational functioning. It calls for a systemic approach to the whole communication function of the company.

We provide you with skilled and experienced experts who can help you develop training and programs scaled to your organization size and needs. We conduct safety communication simulation exercises and provide a detailed report of findings, conclusions and pragmatic recommendations.