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In case of an accident involving a transport category aircraft, a complex organization of accident investigation and communication processes unfolds. It is crucial that aviation companies manage carefully their participation to these processes. Four topics need to be dealt with: technical investigation, media, families of victims (in case of an airline) and legal investigation.


  Setting up of a Crisis Cell

To properly perform the accident management processes, a crisis cell is paramount.

Our experience enables us to provide our customers a full set of customized services to set up a crisis cell, including crisis management strategies, internal organization, investigation procedures, communication practices, accident response manuals, logistics, infrastructure, equipment selection, selection of people and training.


  Accident Investigation

Thanks to our knowledge base and strong network within the aviation sector we can provide you with highly skilled and experienced accident investigation experts to help you manage an accident investigation process.

Also, our experts can help you train your accident investigators not only on official procedures and rules, but also from hands on experience accumulated in many accident investigations.


  Accident Response Simulation

The accident response capability of your organization depends solely on preparation, of both the organization and equipment and of the people. Of course you don’t want to wait till an accident happens to verify that your organization and your resources are ready and well trained. We have the expertise and experience to help you set up accident response simulation exercises, from table top to full scale. These simulation exercises will be customized to your needs and can upon your request include internal and external communication.